The Original Wisdom Mastery Work

No Mud - No Lotus

Experience the Authentic Empowerment that lives inside of you. Feel grounded and confident in who you are, and in sharing your Truth. Stand forward as the advocate for your own dreams and desires.

Move through all the yuck and reveal to the world, your True brilliance, radiance, joy and aliveness.

And then, live your life from there.

Deep lasting transformation can only occur from the inside out. It’s not something that happens overnight and it’s not something that occurs from just taking a class, or going on a retreat or getting a coach.

 It happens when you courageously move out of your head and into your heart.

And then you do it again.

And again.



The Original Wisdom Mastery Work offers compelling tools that deliver real results, all grounded in the foundation of Spiritual Psychology.

It’s not easy to take an honest look at yourself and your life. It takes willingness and resilience to dig deep, accept the past, face the pain and embrace it with tender loving compassion. Then to up-level how it’s held in your consciousness in a way that moves your life forward expanding you into a greater, fuller, free-er, more expanded expression of YOU.

Revealing the brilliance of the True You.

Bringing Love to the places inside that hurt is how Drs Ron and Mary Hulnick (the pioneers of Spiritual Psychology) describe healing. This is what The Original Wisdom Mastery Work is about.

Real healing.

In your energetic field you carry all the trauma, disturbance and history from everything that’s happened in your past. These old hurts, unresolved material and unprocessed emotions are like left over debris acting like a storm system clouding the shine of the sun. 

This is how your light dims over time from the accumulated debris in between you and your brilliance – your Original Wisdom.

During this group journey, we will do the real work. The deep inner work. The Mastery Work.

The Original Wisdom Mastery Work

A 8-Month Coaching Journey

  • 2

    Welcome to The Original Wisdom Mastery Work

    • Warm Welcome

    • ALL Zoom LINKS HERE - Getting Yourself Connected

    • Become a Part of Our Community Page

  • 3

    Setting the Container

    • Set YourSelf Up For Success - ACTION REQUIRED

    • What on Earth is a Container?

  • 4

    The Four Levels of Consciousness

    • Understanding and Integrating the Levels

    • Where Healing Happens

  • 5

    Ways of Being

    • Big Acknowledgement and Big Listening

    • Introducing Big Love

    • Witnessing the Light In Another

  • 6

    The Original Wisdom Reading Room

    • Introduction to The Original Wisdom Reading Room

    • The Original Wisdom Reading Room

  • 7

    Devotion to the Power Within - The Inner Marriage

    • Devotion to the Power Within - Group Session

    • 29 Ways to Devotion

    • Devotion to The Power Within Mastery Work

    • Invocation Opportunity for Transformation

    • Opportunity for Transformation Inner Discovery Prompts

    • Monday Night Check In on Devotion to The Power Within

  • 8

    The Unlimited Potential Of You

    • The Unlimited Potential of You - Recorded Group Session

    • Review Ways of Being

    • The Mechanism of Compassion in Action

    • The Mechanism of Compassion in Action - The Solo Process

    • Opportunity for Transformation Inner Discovery Prompts

    • Facilitation of Compassionate Self Forgiveness with Donna Bond and Abbi K

    • The Healing Available In Compassionate Self-Forgiveness

    • Peer Coaching Activity - Complete Before April 13, 2022

    • Monday Night Check-In: The Unlimited Power of You

  • 9

    The Power of Choice in Your Life

    • The Power of Choice in Your Life

    • Opportunity for Transformation Inner Discovery Prompts

    • Monday Night Check-In: The Power of Choice

  • 10

    Response Ability and You

    • Response Ability and You

    • Push My Buttons

    • Opportunity for Transformation Inner Discovery Prompts

    • The Healing Power of Projections Process

    • Monday Night Check-In: Response Ability and You

  • 11

    Walking Through the Fire

    • Walking Through the Fire

    • Opportunity for Transformation Inner Discovery Prompts

    • The Disempowerment of False Gods

    • Walking through the fire partner process

    • Monday Night Check-In: Walking Through the Fire

  • 12


    • Entelechy

    • Peer Coaching Activity Partners - Activating the Soul's Code Toward Entelechy

    • Activating the Soul's Code Toward Entelechy Worksheet

    • Opportunity for Transformation Inner Discovery Prompts

    • Monday Night Check-In

  • 13

    Thoughts Seed Everything

    • Thoughts Seed Everything

    • Opportunity for Transformation Inner Discovery Prompts

    • Monday Night Check-IN: Thoughts Seed Everything

  • 14

    Belief System Rebuild

    • Belief System Re-Build

    • Dismantling the Drama - Separating Your True Self from Your Old Story

    • Dismantling the Drama Worksheet

    • Opportunity for Transformation Inner Discovery Prompts

Mastery Work Inclusions

Group Coaching Journey Plus Support

  • 8 Months of Community Support

    The power of women forming community in this safe sacred container to honor, respect and hold for one another as we do the deep work together.

  • 8 Two-Hour Online Group Coaching Sessions

    Each Mastery Work session will include a teaching/lecture portion, breakout room partner-processing work, and large group sharing.

  • Live Group Coaching

    See and be seen as you and your partners are coached live in real time. Experience the healing that can take place in any role. Be witness to the miracles that unfold as revelations for yourself and others.

  • Private Community

    Connect, share, engage and explore in our private online community (that is not part of social media) you're inspired by the members of this group in between each of our monthly gatherings.

  • Access to The Original Wisdom Reading Room

    Inside the learning platform you receive recommendations on books to read and the direct links to be able to acquire them for your own library.

  • Lasting Emotional Support

    You will no longer have to try and remember the details of the process we do together. Following each group class you will have access to a printed version in downloadable PDF format for you to keep.

  • Mid-Month Check In

    To create a bi-weekly cadence we will gather for one hour mid-month, one time per month with the intention to come together, to answer questions and to keep the cadence going. There will be no set program, but rather community support. This is one way we will check in and stay connected to each other in the spirit of community support and forward movement.

  • Opportunities for Transformation

    No transformational experience is complete without doing your own inner work. Between each live class you will be given OFT’s for your own personal growth and evolution that will be designed in preparation of the upcoming group session.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this different from other Donna Bond offerings?

    This experience is much less about learning new concepts and ideas and much more about actually doing live processing in a safe healing container.

  • I have zoom fatigue. I can't imagine doing emotional processing online.

    I really hear you. It would seem as if the energy isn't as strong or the connection isn't as close, but that is actually not true. What each individual brings to this group is their intention to experience real healing and to do their own inner work. Setting your own space with a sacred and comfortable setting (outside of your work space) will support you in deep healing and transformation.

  • How do I know the other people in this group are as serious as I am about personal growth?

    Through the application process, individuals are carefully considered as to their readiness for deep transformational healing work.

  • Will I have to share personal things about my life?

    Sharing is encouraged at whatever level is comfortable for you. And, to experience the greatest benefit, getting honest with yourself about your personal Truth opens one up to greater levels of awareness and growth. Behind all great resistance is transformation.

  • When and where do we meet?

    Our monthly online Mastery Work Sessions will take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 4:30PM-6:30PM MNT. Honor yourself by creating this sacred time for YOU. Go to your calendar right now and hold the space.

  • Is this taught live?

    This is a live group coaching journey. Donna Bond is with you for every class, teaching, coaching, clearing and holding space for this transformational journey.

Even More Support

and more details

  • Private One on One Coaching Savings

    For the participant who wants to continue private one on one work with Donna there are two options to add private coaching. The investment for a standalone private coaching journey in 2023 begins at $9500 for 12 sessions. As a participant in The Original Wisdom Mastery Work special savings is extended to you for private coaching.

  • Mastery Work Session Dates

    Our journey kicks off on Mar 27th with a meet and greet and then our monthly gathering takes place on Tuesdays each month at 4:30pm PST | 6:30pm CNT | 7:30pm EST. Honor yourself by creating this sacred time for YOU.

    • Apr 11, 2023
    • May 9, 2023
    • Jun 13, 2023
    • Jul 11, 2023
    • Aug 08, 2023
    • Sep 12, 2023
    • Oct 10, 2023
    • Nov 14, 2023
  • Investment

    The financial investment is $7000. Payment plan arrangements can be made for 3 auto-pays of $2500 each. After December 30, 2022 this is a no-quitting, no-refund commitment. Participants are accepted on a first come basis based with financial commitment being satisfied in full. Each participant will be requested to complete an application to determine readiness.


To support you in stretching and to create flexibility, there are several payment options available, plus additional savings on private coaching in 2023 when you commit now. Choose ONE of the following.