Recognize, Remember, and Reclaim

You've dedicated your life to everyone else.

It's time to empower your Highest Self.

Life wants you to stand in your truth and reclaim your purpose – to experience living from a higher place that is authentically empowered. But what does that mean?

You are a spiritual being who creates. You are a creator. But when your higher self is silenced, forgotten, or ignored, your human journey suffers. 

Today, you can begin to change that.

Join me to learn why this is the beginning of living a life that fills you up.

Lift Your Gaze: Stand in Your Truth and Reclaim Your Purpose

You're invited. Not only by me, but by LIFE. See, Life itself is inviting a greater, freer, fuller, more expanded expression of YOU out in the world. Get out from under all the crap. Rise up. You matter. Your voice matters. Your presence in the room matters. Let me show you how to Lift Your Gaze and you will begin to love your life and live with more joy, purpose, and aliveness. You live from a place of authentic empowerment.

You'll Learn

How to lift your gaze and ignite your light within, and why it will radically change your life.

You are so much more than what you "do". Who are you when you're not playing a role for others?

  • How to identify signs of imbalance so you can align with your highest purpose.

  • The difference between the ego mind and your original wisdom so you can reclaim your inherent power.

  • How to lift your gaze above the contraction so you are authentically empowering your life with creativity, joy, energy, and aliveness.

  • How to recognize your own original wisdom as an inner compass for your life.

This is for you if...

You are stuck on the ground floor. 

You’re in the trenches buried, exhausted, barely coming up for air let alone light. 

Your relationships are broken. Your health is suffering. 

On the surface, it looks like you've got it all but the truth is you're missing out on your life.

When you lift your gaze on your life, you have a very different experience than being ruled by “the doing” and “the striving” that's employed to prove yourself to others. 

Lifting Your Gaze grants access to your original wisdom. Living life from this higher place looks and FEELS different. From here you discover authentic empowerment. When you lift your gaze – you empower your Highest Self on your Human Journey. 

You stand in your truth and reclaim your real purpose.

Lift Your Gaze

{FREE} Live Webinar, August 3, 2021

You are a divine Spiritual Being having a human experience. What if you began relating to yourself with this knowing?

Personal Transformation

Is About Changing Your Relationship To Yourself

  • Recognize

    Recognize you are out of alignment so you can begin to take steps back to Wholeness.

  • Remember

    Remember your Original Wisdom, the Truth of who you really are.

  • Reclaim

    Reclaim your authentic Power and live into your higher Purpose

Your Logical Mind Wants To Know

Your Soul Has the Answer

  • What Is This?

    Lifting Your Gaze is a personal development workshop for women inviting you see there is another way to live. You don’t need to fix yourself or do any self-improvement because everything you need is already in you. I just want to show you a different place to look. You can’t see from where you are because you're in the trenches. You are trapped in the four walls of an elevator that is stuck on the ground floor. Lifting your gaze is taking yourself higher so you have a totally different perspective of your life.

  • What Do I Need to Know?

    We buy into the misbelief that killing ourselves on the job, exhaustion and burnout are the way we are supposed to live. We give our power away to things, people and situations trying to get someone to recognize the contribution we are making. We falsely believe that the harder we work – the more we sacrifice ourselves taking care of everyone and everything before ourselves – that we will be happier, more joyful and fulfilled with our life.

  • Why Should I Care?

    The truth is, the way we live and the value system we operate with is unsustainable. I had a frozen shoulder as a wake-up call, but it took breast cancer to really get my attention. Life is short. We have a finite amount of time here in this life. We can keep ourselves on auto-play and watch our spirit die and our life force drain. Or, we can lift our gaze and ignite the Light within that can guide our life in beautiful ways.

  • Are You Going to Try and Sell Me Something?

    No and yes. This course is FULL of value all on its own and will help you begin your journey. But...I will extend a short and sweet invitation to you. I will invite you into the full possibility of transforming your life in such a way that YOU get to be more of YOU. Standing in the Truth of who you really are and deriving your inner esteem from an authentically empowered place within you. Only you can decide to take the first step.

Choice Makes You a Creator

Your life is comprised of the choices you make. What if the choice to show up for yourself this time, activates the authentic empowerment residing within you?

Your Mentor and Guide

Who Has Walked the Path

Author, Speaker, Spiritual Coach, Transformation Consultant

Donna Bond

Donna Bond is a Soul-Centered catalyst for personal transformation serving as an author, speaker, spiritual life and business coach and a transformation consultant. Donna offers inspiring in-depth life coaching programs, private personal transformation coaching journeys, transformational women’s retreats, online classes and workshops. She supports clients across the globe to achieve new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment and Spiritual aliveness using the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology. Donna’s intention and personal mission is to help raise the vibration on the planet through individual transformation of consciousness, assisting others in thriving in a more open, authentic, loving and fulfilled life.