Ignite Your Light

A Monthly Membership for Growth & Community

As life continues to change and evolve we can either resist that change or come into alignment with it. We can either reject what we don't prefer or learn to love what we've yet to discover. We will come together each month to discuss and explore the high human qualities that reside within you, that encompass the Wholeness of You. This journey is about Exploration of the Authentic You, the Revelation of your magnificence, the Reclamation of your power and the Declaration of YOU in your world. Join Us.

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Let's Come Together to Share

About This Journey

For everyone who knows they're made of Love.

  • 12 Soul Gatherings - One Each Month

    On the 1st Thursday of each month we come together live on zoom at 3:30 Pacific Time to explore and discuss a high human quality with the intention of more fully integrating it into your Wholeness.

  • Opportunities for Transformation

    Each week you will receive a question or perspective for contemplation. These reflections will assist you in integrating the quality more fully into your experience. You will also receive guided meditations from Donna. These Opportunities for Transformation invite Exploration, Revelation, Reclamation and Declaration of what is true inside of you.

  • Master Certified

    Your guidance comes from a professionally certified Life and Business Coach with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing.

Come Together in Community

Explore Our High Human Qualities for Integrating Your Higher Self with your Human Self, Igniting Your Light

Nourish Your Soul

Monthly community Soul Gatherings will support you in placing your awareness on Authentic Self qualities each month to more fully integrate your wholeness.

  • Give yourself the gift of a Soul-Hearted "time out" each month

  • Support yourself with a safe, neutral space to explore and share

  • Belong to a like-minded and Soul-Hearted Community

  • Integrate qualities of your Authentic Self more fully in your life

2021 Topics for Exploration


  • 1

    Igniting Your Light

  • 2


    • Acceptance

    • The Big Idea on Acceptance

    • Live Soul Gathering on Acceptance

    • Radical Acceptance Seeing Perfection in All That Is Solo Journaling OFT

    • Live Soul Gathering on Acceptance

    • Week One Question for Contemplation

    • Week Two Question for Contemplation

    • Week Three Question for Contemplation

    • Week Four Question for Contemplation

  • 5


    • Compassion

  • 6


    • Imagination

  • 7


    • Original Wisdom

  • 8


    • Remember Who You Are

  • 9


    • Grace

  • 10


    • Peace

  • 11


    • Harmlessness

  • 12


    • Neutrality

  • 13

    Gifts You Give

    • The Gifts You Give

This work with you is profound!

Abbi K

Yep! That’s my word for all the many profound transformations I am experiencing. When I work together with you, I fall into my heart and my intuitive self takes over, it’s like a free fall. I feel so supported, loved, acknowledged and encouraged that I am able to finally uncover so much heavy unconscious stuff and find so much freedom! ALL WITHOUT FEELING LIKE I AM BAD OR WRONG!!!

Donna Bond

Personal Transformation Consultant & Life Coach

My mission is to ignite your light, revealing your inner-wisdom to empower your highest self on your human adventure. Having walked the path of transformation myself, today I am a Soul-centered catalyst for personal transformation and have helped hundreds of clients empower their authentic selves in creating a life that lights them up.

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