Love is a verb.
It's time to take action.

It's never too late to start reimagining your life.

Maybe you're feeling incomplete, like you're in your own way, stuck. Perhaps for you it's exhausted, uninspired and uncertain. Maybe you feel unsupported and unseen. You're questioning your position in life and your higher purpose.

You're tired of feeling unfulfilled and disempowered.

You feel disconnected from YOU.

The TRUE YOU is in fact, what you're really searching for.

But who is that?

The True You holds your authentic power.
Not the illusion of power you've been chasing outside of yourself.

So how do you find your way back? How do you get there?

This is where I come in. 28-years in Corporate Land. I get it.

It's past the time for change, because everything you thought you knew, doesn't apply in today's crazy world.

It's time to empower yourself with a new set of Life Mastery tools.
Tools that equip you for this epic journey called Life. Embodied qualities such as inner knowing, authentic empowerment, inner esteem, grounded resolve and inner aliveness.

Even what you judge as your worst self - would dare not test this True aspect of you.

This is not the day-tripping to the spa kind of woo-woo-self-love.
This is empowered action from a place of compassion. This is courageous inner leadership with fierce tenderness.
This is your most cherished friend calling..

This is learning to listen and lead from the highest part of you.
The part that is quite literally comprised of Unconditional Love.

This is Whole Self Mastery©.

And, if you let your whole life go by without integrating her, it will be a miss.

Empower the Authentic You

Attention: Visionaries, Leaders, CEO's

Empower Your Inner Strength

Empower the Authentic You - Awaken Your Higher Purpose

An awakening is happening. A reimagining. Authentic Empowerment is a Way of Being that supports you in being true to who you really are. It's time to reclaim your authentic power and enliven the inner strength you've had all along. Join us in the revolution, along with a small group of like-minded souls starting January 18, 2023

How The Course Transforms You

Love is compassion in action. Take the steps to awaken your purpose, honor your epic journey, reclaim your true worth, and empower your highest self and be fully alive.

  • Stop Suffering

    Stop judging yourself and making yourself wrong in the search for meaning. Learn how to tap into your Original Wisdom – the knowing of your Highest Self.

  • Trust Yourself

    Approach uncertainty and change with confidence. Your perceived self-worth is rooted in acceptance and amplifies empowered action. Source your esteem from an inside place.

  • Find Your Motivation

    Engage with your wholeness. Unlock the unique code to your fullest expression by following the life-giving clues on your path. Experience inner clarity and feel true freedom.

  • Solve Problems in New Ways

    Donna doesn't solve problems for you or tell you how to live your life. She teaches you new ways to relate to things and how to solve problems for yourself.

  • End Approval Seeking

    Stop wondering and worrying, "am I enough?" and begin to recognize and acknowledge yourself and your gifts. Get to a inner place where you approve of yourself.

  • Unlock the Judgements

    Free yourself of the self-sabotaging, limiting judgements you hold against yourself, which you might not even realize. Let go of and clear false notions that are stifling your experience of live.

“I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

– Joseph Campbell 

The Experience

In this exclusive 9-week Live Group coaching masterclass you will learn to access your authentic power, awaken your higher purpose and achieve the forward momentum you need to experience meaningful levels of growth and success in your life. Get access to 1-on-1 coaching, a like-minded community, Opportunities for Transformation and much more!

  • Reimagine a richer life experience guided by a Master Certified Teacher

  • Reclaim your personal power and practice courage in a safe space

  • Grow confident in being seen as the true you with live group coaching

  • Move forward with Opportunities for Transformation between classes

Is it the Great Resignation?

or a Re-Imagination

Hi! I'm Donna Bond, a master certified spiritual Life & Business Coach.

And I walked away from a quarter of a million-dollar gig to share this message with you.

The Great Resignation. You've heard about it. Arianna Huffington has called it the Great Re-Evaluation. I prefer the Great Re-imagination. Whatever you call it, it's right on time. 

I walked away from my executive position in 2014, a step or two ahead of the Great Resignation curve, but I'm now poised to support people in benefitting from my first-hand experience.

Maybe you're dreaming of quitting, perhaps you already took the plunge and are wondering, now what?  Or, you just know there's something MORE.

Your instincts are leading you on the right path.

What's happening is a direct reflection of people everywhere awakening to the intuitive sense that there has to be a different way to live. 

Let's face it. A "work-life" balance, doesn't work. We are not machines. What needs to emerge is WHOLE-life balance. 

For decades before, millions of us fell into step and fell asleep. In so doing, the monotonous, regimented day-to-day grind has squelched your life force and dimmed your Spirit in such a way that you're in constant survival mode. 

Now we are waking up. And we are taking our power back.

You cannot stop what wants to be expressed from inside of you. This is your entelechy - your fullest expression, like a mighty tree from a tiny acorn.

This Re-Imagination is really asking, "Who did you come here to be in this life? How will you live into your entelechy?"

What do you imagine it looks like to live into your fullest realized expression in this life? Another way to ask the question is, what brings you life? What infuses life-force energy into you?

Because the Great Resignation is all about THAT.

The problem goes beyond burnout. The way in which we have been living is extinguishing people's spirits.

This is your one precious life. You are here to experience full expression. You can only be that by engaging with all of you - th true authentic you.

You are here to activate the inner code to release what makes you feel most alive – to experience your fullest expression and the Life Force that's rooted in unconditional love. To embody your original wisdom and all of its power.

I'm here to guide the way.

Read the full article here.

Empower the True You

Find enduring resilience and grounded confidence in harnessing the power of your Original Wisdom.

"This work with you is profound!"

Abbi K.

That's my word for the many transformations I am experiencing. When I work with Donna, I fall into my heart and my intuitive self takes over. I feel so supported, loved, acknowledged, and encouraged and I find so much freedom! All without feeling like I am bad or wrong.

"Empower the Authentic You is EXACTLY what the title says."

Sanya B

It is a master-course packed with information that will change your perception. I've got two Masters degrees in Psychology and thought, what am I going to learn? Let's just say it blew my mind, so much that I insisted my brothers who are both physicians attend it and they were floored by how much they learned. They are changing in beautiful ways no one thought was possible.

"Donna is a treasure!"

Dr. Heidi Z.

Besides her impressive credentials and rich life experience, she brings to the table practical and uniquely intuitive words of wisdom, tools and support that are nothing less than life-changing. She has a unique ability to connect with her clients and audience in a deep and meaningful way, regardless of background. Whether coaching one on one or attending one of her retreats, you will find yourself nourished, inspired, connected in a way that leaves you ready to create your most fulfilled life. I am blessed to walk this journey with her.

"Brilliant-Organic-Intuitive Guidance -Heart-Truth-Action-Life Changing!"

Louise-Marie G

My time with Donna Bond not only put my life into action but brought me a sense of peace and balance that opened my levels of loving and embracing my life beyond imagination. She commands a space of heart centered knowing when you are in her presence while she taps into the depths of your inner being and assists you in expressing your unique best self. Donna is truly a beacon of Light and I feel so genuinely honored have her insight. My Light truly shines brighter after working with her.

Everything is unfolding just as it should for my highest good


"This class t provided the knowledge and tools so I can learn to know myself better and my intentions for my life, especially in the areas that deserve attention... emotional and spiritual. I am going to surrender to the higher powers wisdom, guidance and love and TRUST that everything is unfolding just as it should for my highest good and the goodness of those around you. I am committed to slowing down and listening to the stillness inside me to learn even more about myself and the unique, special person I am."



"OMG I can’t get enough of Donna Bond!! She has changed my life and has helped me continue to connect with my Pure Love Essence as well as my authentic self. This is the Real stuff that they should be teaching in school. If you want to be awakened and empowered I highly recommend this course!"

Setting Yourself Up for Success


"Taking time for myself and personal growth/pursuits, leaning into creating and connecting. Recognizing the beauty and benefit of being. I no longer feel/believe I need to be "doing" al of the time. Clarifying intentions for growth and increased knowledge in areas that will support me in this chapter of life - financial, health, creative expression."

Empowered and Inspired


"Taking time to go deep and ask myself powerful questions was part of what I loved most about ETAY, the group format coupled with private coaching was the key for me. I loved being around other women who shared and challenged me, but I also loved layering private coaching to make my experience much more personal and immersive. As a result of this class, I am empowered and inspired to take more action on asking my spirit guides for help."

I've begun to trust the universe


"I've taken the opportunity to make more time for myself and to spend time in a space where I can self reflect and really think about what makes me happy. I've begun to trust the universe and to look for signs that I may have overlooked in the past. I am better able to manage the negative or self defeating conversation that goes on in my head and to acknowledge and move on. I have a renewed tender spot for taking time to connect more deeply with my friends, family and associates."

Inspiring and Empowering


"Making dedicated time and space to reflect each week is essential to doing this work. The opportunity to connect with other women going through their own journeys and hear the way they connect with the concepts and employ them in their lives is inspiring and empowering."

9 Week Group Coaching Masterclass

Starting January 18, 2023 - 4:30PM PST | 7:30 EST

  • 1

    A Warm Welcome

    • Welcome to Empower the Authentic You

    • Zoom and Community Page- Getting Yourself Connected

  • 2

    Set Yourself Up for Success

    • Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • What is Authentic Empowerment?

    • The Nine Classes & The Zoom Link

    • Ways of Being

    • Opportunities for Transformation

    • Journaling Prompt - Inner Inquiries

    • Be a Part of Our Community Group

  • 3

    Power and Purpose - Your Original Wisdom and Why You're Here

    • Class One - Power and Purpose

    • Soul Hearted Living (C) for Whole-Self Mastery

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class One

    • Journaling Prompt - Inner Inquiry - Class One

  • 4

    Harness the Invisible World Around You

    • Class Two - Everything is Energy - Understanding the Cosmic Glue that Created You

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class Two

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Two

  • 5

    Your Attention Commands your Intention

    • Class Three - Your Attention Commands Your Intention

    • Opportunity for Transformation- Class Three

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Three

  • 6

    Cultivate Your Inner Superpower

    • Class Four - Cultivate Your Inner Superpower

    • Resting in Original Wisdom

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class Four

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Four

    • The Light Behind the Door - What Are You Ready to Discover About Yourself?

  • 7

    Your Beliefs Create Your World

    • Class Five - Your Beliefs Create Your World

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class Five

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Limiting Belief Worksheet

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Five

  • 8

    Hang Up the How

    • Class Six - Hang Up the How

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class Six

    • What Do You Want and Why Do You Want It?

    • The Reclamation of Authentic Empowerment

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Six

    • Dream It Up

  • 9

    I AM

    • Class Seven - I AM - Rewriting Your Story

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class Seven

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Seven

    • Activating Your Intentions Through I AM Reflection Instructions

    • Activating Intention Blank Worksheet

  • 10

    The Alchemy of Fear

    • Class Eight - Transcending Fear and Finding Courage

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Eight

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class Eight

  • 11

    Gratitude - It's Everywhere You Want To Be

    • Class Nine - Gratitude, Appreciation and the Journey

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class Nine

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Nine

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be required homework?

    No, there are no "requirements" for this masterclass. Your level of participation is entirely up to you. Previous participants share the more they put into it, the more they get out of it.

  • Will there be intense questioning and do I have to talk about myself?

    No, you don't have to share anything you are not comfortable sharing. This is not about calling you out, it's about inviting you in. As we do make the comittment to one another that what gets shared in this space, stays in this space, you can feel supported that this is a confidential space.

  • Is this a religious class in any way?

    No, this class is not about any religion and welcomes people of all faith. The principles of Spiritual Psychology shared in this masterclass are about the relationship you have with the higher part of yourself, your Original Wisdom.

Your investment

Enroll with a one time payment and save. Add 3 private one on one coaching sessions and experience what its like to coach with Donna Bond. We meet on Wednesdays for 9 weeks at 4:30PST | 7:30 EST starting January 18, 2023.

Donna Bond

Catalyst for Personal Transformation & Spiritual Life and Business Coach

Master certified spiritual life and business coach with a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing. Donna Bond is a Soul-centered facilitator supporting people to awaken their higher purpose so they can experience more joy, fulfillment and aliveness in life.