Authentic Empowerment

It looks all perfect on the outside - Yet you feel exhausted, empty and uninspired on the inside.

Join a group of like-minded beings who want to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. Those who are ready to align their Higher Self with their Human Self and experience the grand adventure that is life.

Feeling Authentically Empowered is a Way of Being that supports you in standing in the truth of who you really are.

Befriend your ego and experience the unshakable strength, resilience and wisdom of your Authentic Self.

Harness the Power

Of Your Original Wisdom

Its time if you want to transform your life. Experience more joy and fulfillment. Learn how to listen to your inner wisdom and act on it. Trust yourself and feel grounded in your knowing. Unearth the key to your quest for wisdom. Feel true freedom with clarity and confidence. And, learn the truth to enduring resilience this 2-month Coaching Journey is meant for you.

About The Course

For everyone who is ready to harness the power of the True You.

  • Master Certified Teacher

    Your guidance comes from a professionally certified Life and Business Coach with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing.

  • Live Group Coaching

    Receive live coaching around your specific issues from Donna Bond - an intuitive, Soul-Centered facilitator. Grow your confidence in being seen as you are held in a container of Loving as you courageously step forward and share.

  • Opportunity for Transformation

    Transformation can only occur when you take action. In between each live class you can engage with the Opportunities for Transformation as they were designed to support you in moving your life forward.

What You'll Experience

In this exclusive 9-week Live Group coaching masterclass you will Access your Original Wisdom and achieve the forward momentum you need to experience higher levels of growth and success in your life.

  • Learn how to reclaim your personal power

  • Understand how to embody more of your Original Wisdom and live from there

  • Discover how to create a life that's aligned with your highest self

Masterclass and Group Coaching

Two-Month Journey

  • 1

    A Warm Welcome

    • Welcome to Empower the Authentic You

    • Zoom and Facebook - Getting Yourself Connected

  • 2

    Set Yourself Up for Success

    • Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • What is Authentic Empowerment?

    • The Nine Classes & The Zoom Link

    • Ways of Being

    • Opportunities for Transformation

    • Journaling Prompt - Inner Inquiries

    • Be a Part of Our Facebook Community

  • 3

    Power and Purpose - Your Original Wisdom and Why You're Here

    • Class One - Power and Purpose

    • Soul Hearted Living (C) for Whole-Self Mastery

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class One

    • Journaling Prompt - Inner Inquiry - Class One

  • 4

    Harness the Invisible World Around You

    • Class Two - Everything is Energy - Understanding the Cosmic Glue that Created You

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Class Two

    • Journaling Prompt - Inquiry - Class Two

  • 5

    Cultivate Your Inner Superpower

    • Class Four - Cultivate Your Inner Superpower

  • 6

    Your Beliefs Create Your World

    • Class Five - Our Beliefs Create Our World

    • Opportunity for Transformation - Downloadable Worksheet

  • 7

    Hang Up the How

    • Class Six - Hang Up the How

  • 8

    I AM

    • Class Seven - I AM - Rewriting Your Story

  • 9

    Transcend Fear - Find Courage

    • Class Eight - Transcending Fear and Finding Courage

  • 10

    Gratitude, Appreciation and the Journey

    • Class Nine - Gratitude, Appreciation and the Journey

Empower the True You

Harness the Power of Your Original Wisdom and Live from There

Donna Bond

Personal Transformation Consultant & Life Coach

My mission is to ignite your light, revealing your original-wisdom to empower your highest self on your human adventure. Having walked the path of transformation myself, today I am a Soul-centered catalyst for personal transformation and have helped hundreds of clients empower their authentic selves in creating a life that lights them up.